About World Islamic Mint

World Islamic Mint (WIM) is the official international authority on standards for Dinar dirham as sharia currency in accordance with Islamic law.


WIM - Asia & WIM - Malaysia rates on this web site apply to the coins under WIM Standard 2012 and all subsumed Standards/Issues. For more information, click here.



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Latest Announcements

DEC '12

New Currencies for World Islamic Mint – Asia Rates Service

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   WIM/O1/C.M/2012.0001 December 17, 2012   NEW CURRENCIES FOR WORLD ISLAMIC MINT –...

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NOV '12

WIM Sponsors World Conference on Riba

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   The World Islamic Mint confirmed sponsorship of the 3rd Annual World Conference on Riba in a meeting with th...

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OCT '12

DnD Today Official Launch

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia   The all new DnD Today online portal at http://dnd.to/day/ was officially launched yesterday (Saturday, 1...

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